Air Conditioning Refresh & Medical Grade Sanitation

The air conditioning system in your BMW works hard all year round to maintain a comfortable temperature for you and your passengers, while filtering out pollen and dust and minimising condensation. Continuous use actually helps to keep your air conditioning working more efficiently, but it should be maintained periodically as with any other vital component. We are now offering an Air Conditioning Refresh at Frank Keane Naas Road and Blackrock.

BMW Air Conditioning Refresh & Medical Grade Sanitisation for €49

Complimentary Summer Health Check Included


  • Clean and disinfect the evaporator.
  • Clean and disinfect air duct system, killing any odours in the system.
  • The sanitisation will kill 99.9% of bacteria within the car using our O3 generators.
  • Treat air vents and BMW interior.
  • Our trained technicians will give your BMW a Visual Health Check to assess your vehicles health and ensure it is in prime condition. We will then provide you with a report advising you on any areas of your vehicle which require attention and a quotation for any future work required.


Please note that this is a medical grade sanitisation and does not include a full valet.

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