Electric Company Cars

Thinking of moving your company cars into fully Electric models? Making the jump to full electric will have many benefits for both your company and your employees. We've put together a list of the top 5 benefits of companies going fully electric. 

1. Low environmental impact and pollution. From improved air quality to reduced noise pollution, electric vehicles offer many enviornmental benefits.

2. Cost savings. Cheaper running and maintenance costs in comparison to petrol or diesel engines. 

3. First €50,000 value exempt from BIK (Benefit in Kind)

4. Easy to charge. Charging an electric vehicle isn't complicated. Simply plug in and plug out. Charging points are available in various public spaces across the country and can be built at an office or convenient space for employees at a small cost.

5. Performance. Electric vehicles feel good and offer driving performance like few others. Instant acceleration, regenerative breaking and high spec trims add to the driving experience of an EV.

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