NCT Concierge Service

Take advantage of our exclusive new service that takes the hassle out of booking, preparing and taking your car for its NCT: Introducing BMW NCT Concierge at Frank Keane.

For €125, we prepare and put your BMW through the NCT.

BMW NCT Concierge – How it Works:
NCT Flow Chart


What is a Pre-NCT Check?

- Checks your car against the top 3 most common failure points identified by NCT

- Qualified BMW technicians diagnose essential repairs to pass your NCT

Time for a Change?

If you’re thinking about upgrading your current car, leave the NCT to us when you opt to trade it in. Simply get in touch to arrange a test-drive or chat about your options.

Contact us here to book yours today:

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*Terms & Conditions: Please note that we cannot guarantee an NCT pass but Pre-NCT Check will significantly increase pass probability.