Keane on Green: Sustainability at Frank Keane BMW

As a part of our ongoing commitment to sustainability, this year we have taken some big steps in order to become more eco-friendly and climate conscious than ever. Our 'Green List' is growing stronger each day as we make small changes in the way we run our business that will help to reduce our impact on the environment.
Have a read below to learn about some of the changes and processes we have put in place to become more aware of our carbon footprint and the circular economy.
  • Frank Keane Holdings Group is proudly running on 100% renewable energy.
  • Our sales team have started the journey to paperless, we hope that other departments will follow suit in the near future. 
  • We have gone down a more sustainable route for family-friendly handover gifts for our customers: 100% cotton caps, re-usable water bottles made with bamboo materials rather than plastic and fun plant your own sunflower seeds for children.
  • Our most recent Sales Event was paperless, using a QR code invitation format rather than physical.
  • We have removed the requirement for physical Used Car Stock Lists at Blackrock and Naas Road and replaced with a digital solution. 
  • We have invested in automatic lighting fixtures across all locations. 
  • We have invested in higher quality sponsorship materials such as flags and banners, reducing the need to re-invest on a frequent basis. 
  • We have allocated a specific 'Green Officer' at Frank Keane Naas Road and Blackrock.
  • We have allocated resources both physically and financially to invest in sustainable projects over the coming months.
  • Managed printer services for re-filling and recycling of ink and toner cartridges. 
  • Our waste disposal systems work on a maxium recyclability achievement. All our waste water from valeting bays is treated to remove any chemicals or impurities before entering the general sewage system.
  • We have installed internal charging infrastructure at both locations for electric and hybrid vehicles.
  • We are getting involved with BMW Ireland's latest collaboration with Picker Pals, where 10 schools in our catchment areas (Naas Road and Blackrock) have received Picker Packs containing litter pickup equiptment. This initiative aims to motivate children into taking their families on a litter-picking adventure in the local community.
  • We have switched from paper to digital business cards for all staff members at Frank Keane Naas Road and Blackrock. 
  • We have replaced all fluorescent tube lighting at Naas Road and Blackrock with low voltage LED light fittings. 

We look forward to continuing this journey to a greener future.